Rule #1 is that we PLAY. We have fun! SO much fun, that when your pooch returns home, they are so tuckered out, happy, and content, that they become even better dogs (if that's even possible!). Our pups get to play with other pups all day. They get to sniff fresh air, dig until their little paws can't dig anymore, and bark at butterflies (or leaves, or.. nothing... if they're so inclined).

The interaction they enjoy with other canine's is completely supervised throughout the day. They learn how to be social with each other, or they're allowed to be the kid in the corner who's just digging - but we promise that they will have a blast whilst they are at it. 

Our more obedient off leads pup-ils... get to spend time at the pond... and our policy is that ALL well socialised dogs are welcome at South Paws, regardless of breed. 


ALL of our dogs must be vaccinated for Vanguard, Lepto and Kennel Cough (KC). If your dog is a puppy they will need all their boosters, and a wait time of 5 days after the last set of vaccinations before they can join us at South Paws.

We operate Monday to Friday. Drop of starts from 6am and ends at 10pm. Pick up is anytime between 3 and 6pm.

RATES Only $30 per day.


Our furry guests for the day are put into small groups of about 4-6 for their own safety and enjoyment, and of course for peace of mind for you as the owner. 

We group them with others who share the same or similar energy levels, temperaments, size or just allocate dogs in groups where they cope. More often than not, small dogs get to hang out with other small dogs, and the big kids are grouped together.  

At South Paws, we work with the dogs instead of just putting them in a group and hoping for the best. For example, some medium size dogs don't cope with big dogs but adore small dogs.

What happens if my dog isn't good off lead?

Dogs that aren't good off lead are taken out in groups, on long line lead to play. 

Our staff to dog ratio determines how many we take at any time. Safety always comes first.